Dawn and Sean were married in a beautiful ceremony at St. Brendan’s Catholic Church and celebrated in a formal and elegant reception at the Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach!  The couple’s wedding suited them perfectly as both Dawn and Sean are catholic and wanted their wedding ceremony to be traditional and meaningful to them as well as their families.  Dawn wanted to be married somewhere in her home state of Florida and Clearwater Beach was the perfect choice not only for it’s gorgeous views but so that their out of town guests could be provided a wonderful vacation spot!  It was a beautiful day for this amazing couple surrounded by their closest friends and family who traveled from all over to support the newlyweds on their special day! 

I loved the story that the bride shared with us about how she and Sean met and how he proposed! 

“After graduating college, we both moved to New York City to get our first jobs, he moved down from upstate New York and I moved up from Florida. After a few moths of odd jobs, I was a temp and he worked at a golf course, we randomly - and luckily - got our first real full time offers to work at a media planning company called PHD. We started two weeks apart in February and March 2010. We both joined the softball team right away, him because he is great at sports and loves to play everything, and me because my boss (Lane Sorkin who will be attendind) was the team captain and they needed more girls to play. Also, he lured me in via the social aspect because after the games we all went to a bar called Ship of Fools to hang out. We met on the softball team, the Birds, where Sean was elected MVP and I was elected MIP for learning how to throw a ball properly. Our fondest early dating memories are from hanging out after softball games on Randal's Island. We even had our first kiss after playoffs! We dated in secret for about a year while we worked together but it wasn't a well-kept secret and most people knew. Once Sean left the company we kept dating and 5 years later were engaged!  For my 30th birthday last year, we planned a big trip to California. I wanted to go to Napa one day so Sean suggested we split up making the reservations, he'd make the first, I'd make the second and we would go from there. The first one was at a tiny family run winery called Viader.  He made a reservation for first thing, 10:30am. When we arrived there was no one there except one other couple and we were seated at our own terrace for a private tasting. Having not been to a nice winery I thought this was the norm - not that he had reserved the space. After the tour and tasting, Sean got out his phone and fake called an Uber. He said one was on the way but a few minutes away so why don't we walk along the vineyard and take some pictures. Walking along, he stopped about half way and embarrassingly got out a selfie stick to take our photo because no one else was around. Afterwards he started a little speech of how glad he was PHD brought us together and so on (I don't actually remember anything once I saw him going into his pocket) and got down on one knee to propose! We spent the rest of an amazing day visiting different wineries and calling family members in between stops.”

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Reardon!

Lead Photographer | Sarah McDonald
Associate Photographer | Audrey Clifford

Band/DJ | Grant Hemond
Bridesmaid Dresses | Weddington Way
Cake | Chantilly Cakes
Caterer | Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach
Ceremony Site | St. Brendan’s Catholic Church
Event Planner | Simply Divine Events
Florist | 2 Birds
Hair Stylist | Collective Creations
Invitations | Debbie Hassan
Make-up Artist | Collective Creations
Reception Venue | Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach
Videographer | Voila Cinematic
Wedding Gown | Romona Keveza


We had quite the honor of meeting and joining Ivonne and Juan on this very special day - one which I'm sure they will truly treasure in their hearts for the rest of their lives. The fun and adventurous couple officially met in late November of 2013 while on vacation. They instantly felt a connection and began a love journey. They vacationed together, spent time with family and friends together and just had an amazing experience with each other. One day, while on a Carnival Cruise Ship, Juan decided to proposed to Ivonne - she of course said yes!

Ivonne and Juan got married at the Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort and Spa. Their closest friends and dear family joined them on this day and witnessed this couple confess their love to each other. Although the rain was holding them back at first, they decided to look right past it and just committed to having a great time! The sound of joy, laughter and great latin music filled the reception hall and really turned a dark, rainy day into one of the most energetic and lively atmospheres.

Congrats to the newlyweds!!!

Lead Photographer | Carlos Rellos
Associate Photographer | Alexa Rodriguez

Cake | L’Artisan Cake Atelier
Ceremony Site | Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort & Spa
Reception Venue |  Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort & Spa
Videographer | Petit Four Films
Wedding Gown | David’s Bridal


It was orientation day at Tampa General Hospital when Kelly and Amanda first met. Kelly talked about his 12 pets and Amanda responded with, "Wow that's a lot!" (Doesn’t seem like much to anyone else, but for Amanda being as shy as she is it must have taken her a lot to muster up the courage and interject into the conversation). 

Kelly wrote his phone number down for Amanda and handed it to her, but she wasn’t really looking for a relationship at the moment. Kelly countered by telling her, it was just a phone number and they can just chat and they did just that. They talked here and there and made plans to hang out, but life had gotten in the way and they ended up falling out of touch.

Fast-forward almost a year later, during shift change, Kelly was walking by Amanda’s unit and he caught her eye. She stopped to ask Kelly about how she heard he was moving to Japan and that she was sad they didn't get to hang out. Kelly was surprised when Amanda told him that she was now ready to test the waters, which led them to their first date at Lowry Park Zoo.

Over the course of their relationship, they have supported each other through getting their degrees and enjoyed each other’s company traveling to Japan, Italy, Bali, and Singapore.

Kelly proposed to Amanda on La Jolla Beach, California, in front of an audience of seals!   Amanda didn't say yes though, she said "of course"...which meant so much to Kelly. “Of course” means “I've been waiting for this."

Congratulations Amanda + Kelly on your engagement!

Lead Photographer | Stephanie Duffany 


Chelsea and Ryan were married in a beautiful ceremony and reception at the amazing Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, FL!  The couple attended an event there and just fell in love with the unique space and knew it would be the perfect place for their modern and formal wedding!  The newlyweds said their vows on the landing of the beautiful spiral staircase that leads to the gallery entrances.  It was a very special set up for the ceremony as the guests watched the event from the balcony above to look down on where the bride and groom were sharing their vows.  After the couple said “I Do!” I was so happy to be able to photograph portraits with them in the garden on a great bench featuring the clocks from “Persistence of Memory” and in the gallery in front of their favorite larger than life Dali paintings.  Chelsea’s favorite, “Hallucinogenic Torreador” and Ryan’s favorite, “The Ecumenical Council” made the most beautiful backdrops for their pictures together!  The new Mr. and Mrs. celebrated with their closest friends and family on the outdoor terrace with a beautiful view of the ornate glass façade and the very well-known wishing tree!  The couple’s head table was even perfectly placed in the center of the infamous mustache sculpture!  I am thrilled that I was able to end our night with a few sweet and dramatic shots with the happily married couple on the amazing spiral staircase before they whisked away on their way to continue the celebration!   It was a pleasure to capture this beautiful wedding day!  Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Blust! 

Lead Photographer | Sarah McDonald
Associate Photographer | Sam Farmer

Band/DJ | Celebrations 24
Bar | UDream Events
Bridesmaid Dresses | David’s Bridal
Cake | Olympia Catering
Caterer | Olympia Catering
Ceremony Site | The Dali Museum
Event Planner | Unique Weddings and Events
Hair Stylist | Beauty Brought Out
Harpist | Taylor Krebs
Invitations | Zazzle
Lighting | RJ Vida/The Production Crew
Make-up Artist | Beauty Brought Out
Reception Venue | The Dali Museum
Videographer | Jared Brandt Media
Wedding Gown | CC’s Bridal Boutique


We had such an amazing time with this beautiful couple on this gorgeous, blue skied day. Just like they had imagined and wished for, the two got married by the beach at the JW Marriott in Marco Beach. Their close family joined the two as they tied the knot while the sun set behind them.

Christina and David met at UFC gym in late October. Dave was the general manager at this gym and one day Christina took a free class in which Dave noticed her. Her free class ended and she was not planning on returning to that gym and Dave knowing this, gave her free passes in order for him to see her just a little more. They got to know each other a bit more after this and soon, Christina fell in love with Dave’s kind heart and really liked the way he calmed her. Dave just knew she was the perfect match for him from the start!So of course, one day while walking their pup at the park, he got on one knee and proposed to her in a very sweet and intimate way.

During their wedding, it was easy to see just how both complimented each other and just how funny they were as a couple. They made each other laugh thru most of their ceremony which made it authentic and simply sweet. During the reception, it was all about spending time with their family and enjoying their new life and bigger family. Congrats to the new Mr. And Mrs.! Wish you to the best of the best and a life full of more funny and sweet moments with each other!

Lead Photographer | Carlos Rello
Associate Photographer | Audrey Clifford

Band/DJ | Michael Berinos
Bridesmaid Dresses |  Lulus
Cake | Publix
Caterer | JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort
Ceremony Site | JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort