Nuha and Layth Featured in the Limelight | Downtown Tampa Hilton | Tampa FL, Tampa Weddings

We met up with Nuha and Layth on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to start their celebration of marriage at the downtown Hilton. The couple although they said they were anxious stayed calm and so friendly to all as they prepared for their first look. We took these two down a strip of the hotel that remained private to keep the cool air flowing on this hot day.  There was so much happiness and kindness shared between these two it was contagious! They kept the beginning more intimate with their first look and a few photos with their immediate family, but they couldn't wait to get the celebration started. The reception beamed with white and crystal giving it a look of class and light! Nuha and Layth entered into their beautiful reception in song and dance. Following, was the placement of rings from the right hand to the left which signified their marriage. Friends and family celebrated into the night for Nuha and Layth with great food, a belly dancer and great laughter. You could truly see the excitement everyone had for this wonderful couple! We would like to congratulate Nuha and Layth on many more wonderful years of marriage!

Photography | Ann Fuentes
Venue | Downtown Tampa Hilton