stephanie duffany | Lead Photographer

As a child, I grew up in both Western New York’s rural countryside and one of New Jersey’s most popular beach towns. I was always outside exploring my environment and on the hunt for something new and exciting. In early adulthood I was still ingrained with this sense of adventure, therefore, it felt natural to join the United States Air Force.

While in the military I fulfilled my duties to the nation, obtained a degree in Avionic Systems Technology, and traveled the world. It was during a personal trip to Malaga, Spain whilst sitting atop the Alcazaba looking out to world that I decided what I wanted to do for the next stage in my life. I wanted to continue to travel and I wanted to learn more about photography.

When my military term was up I moved to Tampa, FL and obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Digital Photography from The Art Institute of Tampa. I’ve always been a creative person and I was finally able to explore that side of my personality.

Since 2012, I have been a part of the Limelight Photography team and blessed to be surrounded by a group of like-minded, confident, creative individuals.

"We had Limelight Photography for our wedding in. They were absolutely AMAZING. Bryson (my husband) does not like having his photo taken, and apparently Stephanie changed that because after the wedding he was saying how great it was and nothing at all like he had expected when she took the groomsman for their photo session prior to wedding. One of my big things was that after the wedding, I realized I never "noticed" them throughout the day-- which means they are that much better at what they do--they are there, but not in your way there. We have already been published a few times in different blogs/sites/publications and it has only been three months. This goes to show how WONDERFUL Limelight is- from the owners Rebecca & Michael to Dafne the assistant to our wedding photographers - YOU ARE ALL AMAZING AND WE WOULD CHOOSE LIMELIGHT TEN TIMES OVER. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!" Claire Lauria